Monday, April 18, 2011

Formatting your Manuscript

May I just point out that this is my 3rd blog post this month? GO ME! Okay, now onto the point of this post. :)

After reading agent, Vickie Motter's, blog post this morning on formatting your manuscript, I set out to check mine. Most everyone knows the spill: 1 inch margins, double spaced, and 12 Times New Roman font.

But, there were a few things I missed! And I didn't even realize it. I was so happy I checked! This format is especially vital if you're going to be publishing e-books through Amazon and ect. Vickie Motter explains, step by step, how to format your MS so it looks just like a paperback book. It also makes it easier for agents to read.
Check it out, guys! Even if you think your MS is formatted correctly. You may be wrong! ;)

Have a fantastic day!

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