Monday, October 22, 2012

Chronicles of Kerrigan by W.J. May

Hey, All!

I'm back and ready to talk about a GREAT, young adult book series: The Chronicles of Kerrigan by W.J. May!

RAE OF HOPE. Is the first novel in the series. It was released fall of 2011, and it is SUCH a fantastic read! I couldn't put it down and neither could anyone else, according to the reviews! You Will NOT be disappointed. If you're looking for a outstanding book, don't hesitate! Buy it! It's available in both e-book and paperback format.

It's a fun and exciting world to get sucked into! Rae is a strong, well developed character, who is thrust in the middle of a school with gifted people. There is romance, heartbreak, betrayal, and drama all wrapped in urban fantasy! What more could you ask for? A SEQUEL!!! haha

And, yes, there is one! DARK NEBULA will be released December 15th!  It looks AMAZING!! Check out the book trailer: