Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazon Reviews and Agent Excitment!

For the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest, (aka ABNA), they’ve posted the first 2 chapters of Keeper on Amazon. Exciting ‘eh? So far I’ve had 7 amazing reviews, and 79% of people are downloading my excerpt onto their Kindles! Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out. : Feel free to LIKE it, and/or leave a comment. :) The contest has been quite the rush! On the 26th of April (12 days away!!), I’ll be getting an ENTIRE book review from Publisher weekly. I’m WAY nervous! It’ll definitely be interesting to have a professional opinion. That day I’ll also find out whether or not I advance to the semi-finals. They're only taking 50 submissions out of the 250! No pressure. Hahahaha. Either way, this contest has been an incredible and exciting experience. To me, getting the Publishers Weekly review will be worth it ALL. How often do aspiring writers get professional opinions? Hardly ever. I’ll take the advice I’m given, good or bad, and run with it.
My mind has been spinning from it all, and just when I got focused enough to start writing again, I received an offer on my novel. YES! An offer! An agent who wants to represent Keeper!!!!!!! She’s an amazing agent, one I’m stoked to have gotten an offer from. I haven’t accepted her offer yet (don’t think I’m crazy!) as another agent (another AMAZING one!) is still reviewing my entire manuscript. Once I get the verdict from her (whether she wants to represent me or not) I’ll make my decision! It’s been a crazy, crazy month so far. I feel like I’m still trying to catch up on everything!

Hope everyone is doing well! I’ll update soon!

Have a great day!


  1. SOrry about the formatting! I tried to get it to seperate into different paragraphs, but it wouldn't. Hope it's not too difficult to read. :)

  2. Gosh I am soooo proud of you. Bravo - you totally deserve this.