Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End of the Road For the ABNA Contest

Happy belated Easter!! Too bad spring isn't here yet! :)

Well, my adventure with the Amazon contest came to an end yesterday. I'm actually not too down about it. I knew the chances of getting past the next round were slim. There are so many great books out there! Either way, I've walked away with an agent and my book has a shot at being published! It's a win-win. I'm grateful to have made it as far as I did (250/5000), and for all the wonderful feedback I've been given.

Congrats to the 50/250 who were selected to go on! I'll keep everyone posted on which agent I choose and everything else that follows!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.


  1. Tiff you are amazing. What an awesome experience this has been. It has opened up so many doors for you! Do you have your choice of either agent or are you still waiting to hear back from that one agent? Congrats Tiff. I still can't WAIT to hear the rest of your story.

  2. Thanks!

    I'm still waiting to hear back from the one agent. I should hear back any day now. I pretty much have one more week before I make a decision. It's kind of stressful, so I hope the agent gets back to me soon!

  3. I read your work (it was fantastic!) and commented below, but I also wanted to say I love that you're from Idaho. I'm from Pocatello origninally (fam is still there, although I've moved on)... it was fun reading your book and recognizing places like "Boise" and "Meridian." You gave a fellow Idahoan warm fuzzies!!

    Can't wait to read more!

  4. THAT is sooooo exciting - the book is seriously one of my favorites - who did you sign with sista??

    Congrats to you!!!

  5. Tiffany, that is so cool. Let us know when you decide (probably have by now). Congrats on the agent.

  6. Thanks,everyone!!

    @ Julie, I'm from Pocatello, too! How funny! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt :)

    @ Laurie, I'll send you a PM. :)

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